George Waldrop


Ashland, VA

Liner Notes

Serendipity of Mental Illness (Loneliness Has Taught Me)

nothing is so healing as the human touch
even the strongest men are always alone
the emptiness is all in your mind
the space between succession of sensation
I'm not so naive in my thoughts of self destruction
conscious of my existence has touched my soul
I'm surprised to find all that is beautiful in my mind
expression is the meaning of art
refreshing my hope with this art of the mix
I have a disease, incorrectly functioning, without peace of mind
my soul needs the touch, squeezed until it shines
out shine the rain, break free and not easy to be broken
every little soul must shine along, along, soul-shine along
caress in a kiss all the loving that you miss
suffering and in need, my heart does bleed
it's the darkest before the dawn
taint long fo' daylight
yes,the light of day, features of colors, the light in her eyes
I find hope in the serendipity of my mental illness
the way god made me and all the blessings the maker intended
I can't blame or put fault in the great creator, originator of all of this
all of this life, makes me take it slow, I have to wonder why?
all these challenges
I won't regret all that life has taught me
all that loneliness has taught me
about what is sadness
about what is beautiful
I lived through all the tears
loneliness and pain
I stayed and faced it
with all the fear and pride in my heart
I am destined to fail
*All Things Must Pass Away*
each day I try and try again
I just don't want to make the same mistakes
misunderstand and have to do this all over again
my love has been revealed
I don't pretend not to know
what I'm supposed to be
Oh, have mercy on the lonely
be compassionate when you read my heavy heart
my poetry, my poetry
is all I got.